What Do You Need For Your Ministry?

I have frequently been asked the question over the years, “What do you need for your ministry?”  But, what is it that we really need?

I am using this question as a springboard to the following thought that I want you to consider today.

“Sometimes we want things we do not need.  Sometimes we need things that we do not want.”  I believe this short comparison of these two statements can easily bring our attention to the topic of God’s will.  Without delving into the facets of understanding and discovering God’s will, let’s bring our thoughts to bear on this simple truth.  It should be the central desire of our hearts to want what God wants.  Our desires for life and ministry should be pure echoes of what God wants for our life and ministry.

So, let’s culminate these thoughts into this one simple truth that we can practice right now.  I challenge you to express to God that your desire is to want what He wants.  Ask Him to remove all of your predispositions or expectations and replace them with His expectations.  When you do that, you may find that your answer to “What do you need for your ministry?” will change.

Gary R. Linn

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