Are You An “Inspired” Minister?

I want to challenge you with this simple and yet profound thought! Most ideas come by inspiration not calculation.

Are you an inspired  minister? Or, maybe you feel the inspired has expired. Take a long look at yourself today. From where are your inspirations for ministry coming? Too many times we are so caught up in the administrative aspects of the ministry that our spiritual inspiration tends to become a wasteland. We begin to rely on programs, media, music, and events for momentum. The truth is this – “Your Spiritual Inspiration is What Brings Momentum to Everything Else You Do!” It is the Spirit that causes all that your hands do to prosper! It is that small still voice that brings revival. It is that seemingly non-impressive idea that shines the supernatural light of God into the lives of those to whom you are ministering.

I have had the privilege of serving and attending numerous congregations over the years. I have watched as plan upon plan and program upon program have fallen short. So, what will bring growth to your ministry? What will bring revival to the hearts of those in your city? It is not necessarily the latest video teaching from the local Bible bookstore! It is not necessarily going to be the special events calendar for your church. What it will definitely be is the inspiration that comes directly from God Almighty as you allow Him to lead you and guide you into ALL TRUTH!

God leads and directs us in wonderfully creative ways. He inspires our spirits with His Spirit. He shows us new and exciting ways of presenting the Truth. He brings us into contact with others whom He is leading and inspiring. He brings a freshness of His Spirit into our hearts and minds so that we can, in turn, bring the life-giving and life-changing power of His Presence into the lives of those whom we shepherd.

I want to be an supernaturally inspired minister! I deeply and desperately daily desire God’s supernatural anointing on my life! Without His anointing, without His insight, without His wisdom, without His supernatural power to dramatically change the lives of those around me, then why even do it?

Realize this. All the works of your hands and all of your intense labors and efforts will wither away as the grass if they are done with your strength and abilities. But, also realize that when your are inspired by God Himself, then your efforts will have an eternal life-changing impact!

Stop now for a moment and make a quality decision that you will start each day in His presence allowing yourself to be inspired by God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth! He has every idea and answer you will ever need!

Gary R. Linn

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