A Little Goes A Long Way

Most of our Intentional Leadership insights focus us toward challenges in our growth, ways we can expand our vision, or encouragement to keep us moving in the right direction.  For today’s insight, let us take a moment to discover how our actions throughout the Christmas season help us have a stronger impact on the lives of those whom we are leading.

All of us enjoy receiving a gift or even a word of appreciation.  Christmas is a remarkable time that opens opportunities for us to give back to those who have given of themselves and their talents to keep ministry moving forward.  Even a small gesture of appreciation from you as a leader will have an enormous impact during this season.

Use this time to show your appreciation for the person and not just what they do.  One of the most meaningful ways for you to show your gratitude and sincere appreciation is to send a hand-written word of thanks.

I will use an example of something that happened with me this Christmas season to illustrate.

Over six months ago I did a favor for a friend.  It was a small favor which did not take but just a few minutes for me to accomplish.  Six months later, at Christmas, I received a card wishing me a Merry Christmas.  Hand-written on the card was a short note saying ‘Thank You’ for helping make their endeavor a success.  I am still amazed that my efforts had such an impact.  I am also deeply moved and touched to know that, months later, they are still so thankful.  Should they need help again, I will gladly be there to assist them.

Take the time to make this connection with those whom you are leading.  Write a short note of appreciation.  Your small effort will have great impact!

Gary R. Linn

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  1. Georgette (Gidget) Callihan says:

    This is a special way to show our each gratitute to those who share with our children. I was making a power point presentation to show the church of the children’s Christmas party that took place last Sunday, when my husband suggested that I list all the teachers names on a slide. I went a step further – I typed a special thank you to all of them. I can’t wait for them to see it this Sunday. Pastor Gary, thank you for the encouragement and words of wisdom you’ve shared with us this year. You have really touched my life and allowed God to minister to me.

    Thank you,
    Merry Christmas,

    Pastor Gidget

    1. Gary R. Linn says:

      Pastor Gidget,
      Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea! Your teachers are blessed to have a caring pastor. May you and your family experience a marvelous Christmas!