4 Wise Steps to Effective Problem Solving

Christian leaders often use the lifestyles and decisions of the Old Testament kings for examples in how to effectively lead. A brief perusal of the successful leaders from ancient Israel, Egypt, Babylon, etc…quickly brings to focus that each received wise insight from God and God-led people. Conversely, we discover that the unsuccessful leaders either did not receive or refused to receive wise, God-given input.

From this basic principle, it should be evident to all of us that effective leadership comes from receiving and acting upon God’s wisdom. Yet, many times we set that aside and rely on man’s insight. Over the years I have seen strong Spirit-filled leaders make some foolish decisions because it was so easy for them to receive only human wisdom.

So then, what can you and I do to better insure that we are receiving and following God’s wisdom as we lead His people?

Here is what God has been speaking to my heart on this topic. We need to not only ask the right questions, but we should be presenting those questions to the right people as well.

Whenever you are presented with a problem or decision from whom do you seek advice and input?

Though some of this may seem obvious, let’s highlight a few you should not overlook.

First, make your request known to God. God has given us His Spirit to guide us and lead us into ALL truth.

Second, meditate on what scripture says about the topic. Realize that not all decisions allow time for you to delve into scripture and research a topic. This is still another reason for you to actively engage in the Word on a daily basis. When you are filled with the Word ahead of time, you will have what you need to know on hand when you need it.

Third, ask a friend, but not just any friend. Seek input from someone who is spiritually strong. Ask yourself, “Do I know someone who has already made this sort of decision?”

Forth, ask yourself. There are really two reasons you should ask yourself. We have already mentioned that God’s Holy Spirit is within you and has direct input into your spirit. Therefore, when you listen to your spirit, you are listening to the innermost part of yourself that has already taken the matter up with God’s Spirit.

Another reason to you should ask yourself is to make yourself examine the situation and your current or previous actions on the matter. Why? Well, when you bring the situation back to yourself you may discover that it is your actions or attitude that created the problem in the first place. You may find that the problem can easily be addressed by simply changing your actions or attitude.

Following these four simple steps will aid you in becoming an effective problem solver.

Gary R. Linn

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