Learn to Decidedly Listen

Most all of us have found ourselves in a situation where what we were communicating was being interpreted differently than what we intended it to be. Many times, a simple misunderstanding will begin a series of events that result in a less than desirable outcome. So, what can you do to reduce these types of situations? Learn to listen.

In the title of today’s leadership insight, I qualified the act of listening with the word, “decidedly.” Decidedly means unquestionably, emphatically, particularly, and absolutely. The point I am making is that you must put effort into listening. Listening is more than hearing. True listening enables you to more fully understand and therefore more aptly communicate.

How you communicate with one individual will be different than how you communicate with another. Though the topic may be the same, each individual has a unique set of filters in which information is received. Every person filters what they hear through their past experience, education, training, relationships, and level of spiritual growth.

As you decidedly make the effort to listen, you will recognize how to more clearly communicate with words and illustrations that powerfully connect to your listener.

Leading others in healthy growth and change begins with how you listen.

Gary R. Linn

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  2. Kenneth Kemboi says:

    Once again thank you for this insight! Am getting some powerful points as a leader of leading Children to Christ and others that are asking for my advice! (one day I will give you my testimony). Thank you so much.

    1. Gary R. Linn says:

      Kenneth, thank you. It is marvelous to hear how God uses these insights.

  3. Ben says:

    This is a masterpiece

    1. Gary R. Linn says:

      Thanks, Ben!

    1. Gary R. Linn says:

      Thanks, Jerry!