Are You Trying To Make Square Pegs Fit Into Round Holes?

One of the most powerful traits of a good leader is being able recognize where those whom you are leading fit into the purpose, vision, and structure of your group. One of the fastest ways to slow any organization is to have talents and abilities mismatched with job descriptions. For example, someone who is innovative and creative will easily become frustrated when required to focus the majority of their energies on bookkeeping. A good leader will discover the strengths and weaknesses of his staff in order to better facilitate the group’s goals and also bring fulfillment and purpose to each staff member.

With this illustration established, let us move forward in applying this principle in a strong personal way to ourselves as leaders.

As a leader, ask yourself, “Am I a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?” In simpler terms, do you really belong where you are? Should you really be doing what you are doing? Are you struggling trying to accomplish tasks and goals that are actually outside of your God-given talents, insights, and abilities?

Let’s use a very common example to present a clear picture of this. Ephesians 4 describes five areas of God’s calling for ministry; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. A person may be called by God for ministry, but does that mean that he can fill any of the five offices? Most all of us would agree that there are certain God-given insights and traits that accompany each of these callings. Knowing who you are in Christ, how God has gifted you and the strengths of your abilities will aid you in understanding exactly where you fit.

I recall the account of a young man being interviewed by his denominational leadership as he was about to become a pastor. The interview included a part that went something like this. He was asked the question “Is there anything that you believe would hinder you in pastoring?” To which he answered, “Well, I really do not like to work with people.” All of us know that a pastor is uniquely called by God to watch over God’s people. A pastor must care for, teach, lead, equip, listen to, and loving watch over every area of the lives of his sheep.

Take a moment or two and examine the frustrations and challenges you are facing. Are they arising because those whom you are leading are not plugged into the areas of their talents and God-given insights? Or, are your struggles directly stemming from the fact that you need to relocate to the area of leadership in which your God-given abilities lie?

Gary R. Linn

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