Developing Unity in Your Leadership Team

This past week, I was asked an intriguing question which in return I wish to ask you. What is the difference between unity and uniformity? More fully understanding the answer to this question can help you bring unity to those whom you are leading.

Let’s first consider unity. We can define unity as being in a state of oneness, having a like-mindedness, being driven with the same purpose or cause, or working together in harmony. As believers, we have God’s descriptive example of the church being many parts but functioning as one body — many different believers working together in unity to form one body.

Now consider uniformity. Possibly the easiest way to discover the difference between unity and uniformity is simply to look at the words themselves. As you look at uniformity, you quickly recognize the word “form” in the center. Uniformity is exactly that. It is a “form” of unity but not true unity. This may bring your thoughts back to 2 Timothy 3:5 where Paul writes that the church can have a “form” of godliness but be denying the true power of the gospel. Uniformity is a form of unity but does not carry with it the true power of unity. But, why is that so?

The true power of unity stems from the fact that unity is born out of an inward desire. When working together, unity comes from within. Think for a moment of the example of a teenager cleaning their room. When a teenager cleans due to the aspect of being told to do so, it falls into the realm of uniformity. He/she does so because they have to do so. The result is a straightened room. However, when a teenager cleans the room because he/she desires to have a clean room, then the room will be more than straightened and picked up; it will be clean.

The same principle works with those whom you are leading. When you can help your team work together in unity, the desire will come from within each team member. The result will be a more powerful, effective, and motivated team. If your team is working together from the aspect of uniformity, the tasks at hand may be accomplished, but the full effectiveness will be lacking.

Take time to carefully consider how you are developing and building true unity in your team.

Gary R. Linn

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