Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken

Have you ever heard the expression, “Be yourself because everyone else is taken?” It is a truism that you simply cannot overlook as a leader. One of the greatest strengths to the teams I have built over the years is helping each team member focus upon who they are and what talents they have to add to the team. When every member is utilizing their individual strengths and talents within the team, the team becomes more effective.

Let’s talk through this analogy for a moment to discover why this principle is so vital for you personally, as a leader. Why is it imperative that you, as a leader, be yourself?

Too often, those in leadership positions try to imitate a popular leader or follow leadership models that were effective for someone they admire. Though it is true that there are fundamental elements which should be found in every leader, it is how each leader employs those elements that make all of the difference in that leader’s effectiveness.

Be yourself. Lead from your heart. Implement the traits of leadership from who you are. When you attempt to be someone else, you not only lose your effectiveness, but you also disengage the genuineness of who you are in the process. Your team’s respect for you as a leader, response to you as a leader, and rapport with you as their leader will substantially increase as you be yourself. Trying to fit another leader’s style or model, in reality, causes your team to feel as though you are uncertain of who you are and incapable of fulfilling the role you are occupying.

So, be yourself because everyone else is taken!

Gary R. Linn

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  2. Thanks for the good work and being a blessing to the children ministers. Pls prayerfully assist us in Nigeria. Thanks.