What Do You Desire To Accomplish In Ministry?

When you started ministering, what dreams and expectations did you have?  Can you concisely answer the question, “What did you desire to accomplish in ministry?”  Here’s the follow-up question for you.  “Have you done it?”

There are many examples of being held back from doing something we really wish to do.  The classic example from years past was that of a young man wanting to enlist in the military but was denied because he had flat feet.  Well, there are no flat feet scenarios when it comes to the dreams God places in your heart!

God places specific desires, dreams, and goals into our hearts.  He customizes them based on the natural talents and abilities He has already placed within us.  He guides us through situations and circumstances to hone those God-given skills.  He adds to that His supernatural insight, wisdom, and ability.  His Spirit within us leads us.  It then becomes obvious to us that, with all of these working together, we can accomplish those dreams.  Those God-given dreams and aspirations can become reality as we continue walking forward in Christ.

So, if your answer to the question “Have you done it?” is “No” or “Not yet”, then let me encourage you to take a new hold on to that dream.  Ask God to stir it up anew within you.

If you have not really considered the truth that God has plans and goals for you and your ministry, then simply ask Him “What do You desire for me to accomplish in life and ministry?”  He will answer!

Rev. Gary R. Linn

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