Go Ahead, Show Some Initiative

Picture this scenario. You text a team member, saying that you just sent them an email to let them know that you will be calling later to set up a time with them to get together to plan a meeting to discuss when the two of you can sit down and develop a strategy of when the best time would be to conduct regular staff meetings. Pause for a moment. Did you fully understand that illustration? If you continue with that plan of action, you and your team member will most likely never get around to actually having staff meetings. It is time for you, as a leader, to take some initiative.

Though planning and discussions are vital, there comes a time when the discussion needs to be replaced with some action. In other words, if all you do is talk about what needs to get done, then you will never get around to doing what needs to get done.

Some years back, I had the privilege of working with a great leader. One of his most outstanding qualities was demonstrated to me through what many would consider a menial action. As we walked through the hall, he bent over and picked up a small scrap of paper and tossed it into the garbage can. The organization employed a full-time janitorial and maintenance staff which was fully capable of taking care of that. Yet, he simply saw something that needed done and responded.

Let me encourage you that your team wants you to step up to the plate and lead. They are waiting for you to take some initiative and act. They have heard all of the reasons, explanations, and goals. Though ‘vision casting’ is good, there comes a point when you take steps to put the vision into action. If you see something that needs to get done, then do it!

Gary R. Linn

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  2. Rita Caudell says:

    This message is so time appropriate for me. I am planning a meeting to discuss a special service but now I am going to go into the meeting with “the plan” for action. Thank you so much for your timely messages.