At The Heart of Life-Changing Leadership

In order to more fully understand today’s topic, let us first define what is meant by the phrase “Life-Changing Leadership.” A leader who diligently interacts with those around him has the potential of forever impacting their lives. The resulting change can be toward the negative or the positive. So, let’s consider what characteristic is at the heart of a leader who can effectively lead those around him into a more positive and productive life.

Wisdom, insight, caring, and charisma may all play a part in successful leadership, yet there is an unprecedented influence that flows out of a leader whose heart is overflowing with thankfulness.

First, you must permanently set aside the misconception that expressing thankfulness is a sign of weakness. There are some leaders who believe that, if they were to ever give the impression that they could not do it on their own, then they would lose their authority or leadership effectiveness. This mindset is so far from the truth.

Briefly observe with me the hearts of thankfulness demonstrated through the lives of King David and the Apostle Paul. Each are still noted as great leaders. David’s psalms are saturated with his expressions of thanks. Paul, empowered by the Holy Spirit, consistently writes of his thankfulness. Paul expresses his thankfulness for both who his readers are and what his readers do.

As a leader, develop a heart of thanksgiving. Expressing your thankfulness will have a “Life-Changing” impact on those you are leading. When was the last time you articulated your thankfulness to those you are leading for ‘who they are?’ How effectively do you communicate your thankfulness for ‘what they do?’

Activate a heart of thankfulness in yourself today! Let the ‘Life-Changing’ power of thankfulness begin working through your leadership.

Gary R. Linn

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