What Do You Need To Get The Job Done?

Each of us has a list of resources with which we rely upon to accomplish the tasks in our vocation or position of leadership. Though our lists may vary in specifics, some of the most common components are finances, staff, and time. Still, why is it that we can look at some companies or organizations and wonder why they failed when they appeared to have all of the necessary resources in place and were positioned for success and growth?

Will you consider the significance of this statement? “You are the most valuable resource you have in getting the job done!” As a leader, so many determining factors for progress directly stem out of who you are and how you lead. Your character, integrity, intuitiveness, and personal involvement are more potent factors in your organization than the physical equipment you have or lack.

Consider how the Message Bible translates Jesus’ words to His disciples in Mark 9:1-5. “Don’t load yourself up with equipment. Keep it simple; you are the equipment.” Understand that you are the equipment. It is this basis from which the phrase “everything rises and falls on leadership” is derived.

You may have all of the funding necessary, yet poor leadership will cause the company to fail. You may have more than enough manpower available, yet weak leadership will stifle success.

Therefore, when you invest your time and energies into those you are leading, do not forget to invest into yourself! As the leader, keep yourself refreshed. Challenge your personal growth. Frequently take a long look into a mirror (so to speak) to determine what area of your life may need attention. Build yourself up so you can build others! Remember, you are the equipment!

-Gary R. Linn


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