Inability or… In Ability

Let’s explore the difference between ‘Inability’ and ‘In Ability.’  Before we do, let me remind you that, as a Christian leader, you “are the temple of the living God,” “greater is He who lives in you,” “for there is a greater power with you,” and you “can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”

It has been my experience, throughout the many friendships and ministry associations which I have had over the years, that often someone who has the ability to carry out the tasks at hand can be overcome with feelings of ‘inability’ to do so.  Do you experience that in your leadership?  If so, it is vital for you to continue to daily remind yourself of this amazing truth — yes, you are able to live as an overcomer!  You are able to stand victoriously as a living sacrifice.  You are able simply because you are not relying upon the ability of your own person.  Though within yourself you may experience ‘inability,’ within Christ you are ‘In Ability.’

Do you see the difference?  ‘Inability’ versus ‘In Ability.’  Yes, we are ‘IN Christ!’  This is a marvelous revelation for us to grasp hold of.  We can live each moment in confidence, with boldness and courage, for we are ‘IN Christ.’  We are ‘IN His Ability!’

In everything you face, no matter how seemingly impossible, you can declare, “God is my help!  He will make a way!  There is a greater power with me!  I am more than an overcomer!”  When you speak from the faith within, you will discover that “with God all things are possible!”

As a believer, you have the Spirit of the Greatest Leader residing within you!  Daily remind yourself that any inability you have in the natural is more than compensated for by His Ability working through you in the supernatural.

Meditate on these verses.  2 Corinthians 6:16, 1 John 4:4, 2 Chronicles 32:7, Philippians 4:13

Be Encouraged and Lead in His Ability!

Gary R. Linn

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  1. Jeyaraj says:

    for we are ‘IN Christ.’ We are ‘IN His Ability!’ I like this sentence. Really it motivates us a lot. Lets be encouraged.