Why Worry When You Can Delegate?

Last time here on Intentional Leadership, we discussed how worry can rob you of every leadership skill you have ever developed.  We explored that planning is a powerful tool which empowers you to overcome worry and continue to make successful progress.

Today we are considering a second option to negate worry: delegation.  It is proven throughout all of history that the greatest leaders known to man were also remarkable delegators.  Deep down on the inside of every true leader is a desire to delegate.  There is a desire to more effectively get the job done by tapping into the skills, talents, and abilities of those on our team.  However, many leaders are derailed somewhere along the path between desiring effective delegation skills and developing delegation skills.

More often than not, the main reason leaders fail at delegating is because of fear.  (Fear just happens to be the twin brother of worry.)  They fear that somehow they will lose control or the task will not be accomplished as they desire.

Yet, it remains that learning to delegate and then effectively delegating will alleviate worry and other workload pressures.  So, stop worrying and start delegating.  Begin with smaller tasks.  Present a clear picture of the end result you desire to see accomplished.  Place the task into the hands of the team member who has the ability and skill to accomplish it.

Soon, you will be amazed at how much your productive delegating relieves, not only much of your workload pressures, but a significant percentage of your worrying.

Rev. Gary R. Linn

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