Can People Trust You With Their Hearts?

(First posted August 31, 2010)
As I reached out to minister to someone yesterday, they responded with a comment that deeply impacted my thoughts and challenged my spirit. I want to pass it along to you today and pray that you will be challenged as well.

You and I are working together to achieve the extraordinary in the lives of those to whom we minister! God has placed within us a unique insight and wonderful gifts to lead His children into a closer relationship with Him. We do all sorts of things to bring joy, laughter, and God’s love into our children’s hearts and lives. And through it all, we are also reaching into their homes and touching the hearts of their parents, siblings, and other family members. The key to supernaturally sharing God’s presence with them is being a pure reflection of the Good Shepherd Himself.

Yesterday someone said to me, “Thank you. Your Christ-like compassion and concern reassures me that I can place my heart in your hands. The people you minister to know they can fully trust you with their heart.” I was profoundly touched in my spirit as tears came to my eyes. This thought came back to my mind several times throughout the day and I was reminded once again that true ministry and the true desire of my heart is to be a good shepherd. I desire to be a person who devotedly commits myself to bringing others into the shelter of God’s life-changing love and power.

Let me challenge you with that visionary purpose. Ask yourself, why are you doing what you are doing in ministry? Why did you start in ministry? Is that passion and vision still driving you forward? Have you become distracted or discouraged with the weights that ministry frequently entails? Can those to whom you ministry fully trust you with the care and guidance of their heart?

Rev. Gary R. Linn

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