7 Reasons You Are Vitally Important

7 ReasonsYou Are Vitally Important!

Have you ever caught yourself comparing your talents, ideas, accomplishments, insights, etc… with those of someone else? The two most common thoughts usually present themselves as something similar to “I would do that this way.” or “I wish I were that creative.”

Comparison can become a deceptive tool used to produce one of two outcomes in your life. The first example is a stepping stone toward haughtiness or pride. The second example leads you down a path of self-defeat. In today’s Word of Encouragement, let’s focus in on the latter of the two.

I want to strongly urge you to consider seven indisputable facts about yourself.

1 – You are created in God’s Image!

2 – You are called, chosen, and set apart by God as Holy unto Himself!

3 – God has instilled within you a unique combination of gifts, talents, insights, and abilities!

4 – God has placed you in a specific area of life and ministry!

5 – God has chosen to work through you to accomplish His purposes upon this earth!

6 – Those to whom you minister are experiencing God’s grace, mercy, power, and love through you!

7 – You carry the same call as Esther – You are actively engaged in life and ministry “For Such a Time as This!”

As you ponder even this brief synopsis of your unique calling and personage, you will quickly come to an undeniable truth that “YOU ARE VITALLY IMPORTANT!”

You are important to God because of who you are! You are vitally important to those to whom you minister! You are vitally important to those who share your burden and vision for ministry!

Never allow yourself to be deceived into even considering thoughts that contradict this truth. Take captive those thoughts and make them obedient to Christ!

Rev. Gary R. Linn

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