Are You Looking For God to Answer?

Looking for AnswerAs leaders we often find ourselves intently looking for an answer from God to a specific question or need we have or one for someone under our leadership.  It is certain that much of our prayers should and do focus on worship and praise toward God.  But it is also true that many times our prayers are saturated with requests and needs.

Let me encourage you with this undeniable, indisputable, and irrevocable truth — God wants to answer your questions!  God wants to give you what you need!  So if you are being tempted to think that maybe God is not going to meet your need, then change your thinking to line up with His Word!  From Genesis through Revelation we can clearly see that God’s great love for us is an ACTIVE LOVE!  He interacts in our lives!

So what do you do when you feel like you are not getting an answer?  All of us know there are many variables to answering that question, but scripture teaches us a couple of overall guidelines for it.

First, be persistent.  Keep asking, seeking, and knocking.
Secondly, be sure to get into Scripture to see what it has to say about your situation.
Thirdly, consider if there is some action you need to take.

Let’s delve into this third point for a moment.  As I was studying the story of Abraham’s obedience to God in sacrificing Isaac, I noticed something.  Scripture tells us that Abraham set out to go to the place God had told him about in order to make the sacrifice.  Isn’t it amazing that it was at that place that there were thickets?  Isn’t it amazing that it was at that place that there was a ram?  When Abraham took action by going to the place God had directed him, his answer was supplied.

Is there something you need to do to put yourself in the place to receive your answer?

I recall a few years back when God told me to cancel speaking for a particular conference.  At the time, it was a difficult decision to make.  However, I made the call and canceled.  Without any further action on my part, in less than 24 hours from making that call, God filled those 9 days with three separate events that impacted more people than the other event would have and blessed our lives more as well.  Making that call was what I needed to do to be in the place to receive my answer.

So, be encouraged to remember that God will answer.  He knows what you need.  He knows that, as a leader, you need answers for both yourself and those whom you lead.  He will provide the answer.

Gary R. Linn

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  1. simon says:

    I enjoyed reading your article! The question to ask yourself, ‘has God ever faied you?’ No, and He will not either now or in the future. Only those believers who really want to go far will find the way to do it. Whereas others who don’t always find excuses. Therefore you must press and walk in faith. God’s grace and unmerited favour will always make a way for you.

  2. Thanks Rev Gary! You are a true leader, and you care for your flock. Blessings!

    1. Gary R. Linn says:

      Thank you! It is my prayer to be a good shepherd for my flock.
      Pastor Gary